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“I wanted the mix to represent how I DJ in the sense that the majority of my sets are made up mainly of my own, or my label’s, unreleased or forthcoming music.

Hopefully this gives me something unique as DJ, not just as I play tracks that no one else has, but also because they are artists and tracks that I love enough to want to sign, so they really represent what I love about electronic music.

Matt and Elyse later are attracted to each other and share a kiss while watching clouds in the sky.

A day before the finals the cheerleading group of East Great Falls arrives and catches Matt in a band camp uniform and teases him by taking a photo and sharing it on the internet.

During a lunch time scuffle Matt accepts a duel with rival band leader Brandon, wherein the performers show off their music skills, with Brandon playing the snare drum, and Matt playing the triangle.

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Areas of specialty include electronic music, world music, vintage disco and funk, neo-classical/ambient and much more. For all synch licensing inquiries, please contact [email protected] Will Saul is a bit of an electronic music renaissance man: DJ, producer, A&R, and label head of the respected Aus Music and Simple Records labels.

I had written about them on the blog and was looking for more information and 2. These were definitely two great reasons to ask Jonny if he was up for answering all my questions and so I could learn the story behind this great Manchester band from the mid and late 80s! Thanks so much for getting in touch and being up for this interview! Was it easy to figure out the logistics for this to happen?

I notice that there is going to be a Bounce the Mouse reunion gig! Hi, yes there is going to be a reunion on 3rd February, at Gullivers in Manchester.

David Clement – Follow Me Home (Lee Jones Remix) D1.

Thanks to Ricky from the Madchester Rave On Blog I got in touch with Jonny because 1.

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