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Of late we have witnessed a proliferation of articles about the growing number of mixed-raced relationships and mixed-race individuals here in Britain.On the other hand, there has been very little serious analysis either of the history or of the nature of mixed-race relationships in this country.I am married and I have two mixed-race teenage children, a boy and a girl.Relationships involving black women and white men are very much in the minority as far as mixed-race relationships are concerned.So unlike in the French, Spanish and Portuguese colonies there was effectively no mixing of the races taking place in the British colonies during the heyday of the British Empire.There were no segregation laws in place but sexual relations between white men and non-white women were deemed to be socially unacceptable.

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Lisätietoja muun muassa saatavilla olevista hallintamahdollisuuksista: evästekäytäntö.To their puritanical way of thinking sexual relations between black and white were somehow unnatural.Evangelical fervour was soon to take hold of the British establishment and relationships between white men and non-white women were to be discouraged and condemned.A small number of working class immigrants from this country also settled in the Caribbean colonies and formed relations with black women, which is why there are pockets of 'light-skinned' people where these immigrants settled, such as in St. In India too British men entered into relationships with Indian women during the early years of British colonisation.The mixed-race Anglo-Indian community in the region around Calcutta are the direct descendents of those who engaged in such relationships.

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