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He spends all his time on his computer, doesn't have a career plan, and again doesn't seem to care.

He doesn't seem to try at college, and doesn't know what he's doing afterwards.

hmm perhaps im too soft, but i would just be pleased he is at college and working as well, and contributing to be honest.

Having said that it may be because im peeved my son 17 and a half has quit college, and currently has no job,grrr but thats another story .

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I occasionally ask him to walk the dog but he just goes round the block for ten mins instead of a proper walk.At the age of 20 I was studying in the college and my parents were 200 miles away. He is not a kid anymore, so if you are sure he does not use drugs, you can tell this as ultimatum. I too wasn't living at home at his age, I moved out when I was 18 and at the age of 20 was working full-time, living alone and looking after myself. I don't think he's using drugs, I can't find anything that would suggest it in his room, it doesn't smell of drugs, no paraphernalia, and he's not the sort to tidy his stuff away (we knew he was smoking because he kept leaving tobacco, filters, lighters in his pockets etc.) Because he does already contribute now he's working part time I'm not sure if I feel I can ask for more from him.I was cleaning and cooking myself, working and definitely had a plan for mylife. Tbh I would like to ask him to leave as I feel he'll never grow up if he stays but have kept telling myself I should wait til he leaves college next summer, as he can't afford anything on his part time salary and his dad won't have him back (lives in another country).) so this now means I can't go and dh will have to go alone or find someone from work who'll go with him. But it drives me mad that he walks through the house, dumps his stuff, disappears in his room, never sits and watches tv (he only has tiny portable in his room but as I said he's just on his PC all the time), doesn't talk with us.I'm so disappointed and fed up of the disinterest my son shows and feel at the age of 20 he should grow up a bit. Or is this acceptable and normal for someone of his age? my mum n dad got so fed up with him ignoring basic requests and doing nothing that they decided they would do the same and do nothing for him.

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