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(Richmond: Virginia State Library Press, 1957, with introduction by A. Rowse.) (New York: Da Capo Press, 1971.) In a 1614 letter to the governor, Rolfe details his crisis of conscience over his attraction to Pocahontas and asks if he should "desist" or "persist" in his desire to marry her.

"with her tricking up and high stile and titles you might thincke her and her worshipfull husband to be somebody," if you did not know they were supported by the poverty-stricken Virginia Company.

“I’m not good with computers, so I can’t do any of that,” she said. “Even if you get a publisher, you’ll need to do your own marketing. And I can help you when the time comes.” Apparently, she didn’t like my answer, as she said, “So, how can I find a ghostwriter?

She asked a few more questions then got to the big one. Then you’d be stuck hiring someone else to rewrite it.” She then asked me what would happen after the book was written and I gave her a rundown on what an author needs to do to sell a book, such as creating and maintaining marketing websites.

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