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On the living-room wall is a framed to-do list dated May 22, 1980, written by John Lennon six months before he was murdered outside the Dakota. She has a head of wavy chestnut hair and wears bright-orange sandals, her toenails painted to match.

Her sparkling eyes are sea blue, full of life and mirth and sadness.

O’Neal had been appalled, amused, and impressed, but not enough to hang around for more: things quickly flamed out. She’d rather not, of course, but she knows she has to. I’ve been humiliated like nobody’s been humiliated, everybody talking about it and laughing about it and joking about it.

So Margaret Trudeau did the only thing she could think of, which was to stop for Japanese takeout, then have the driver pull over on Sunset Boulevard so she could toss the entire meal at a billboard for I remind her of this story one night as we sit in the back of a car, on the outskirts of Toronto. Because she has to be authentic, she has to tell the truth, she has to get people to You can call it a crusade, or, if you’re a cynic, you can call it Margaret Trudeau giving a narrative to her past bad behavior under the guise of being a mental-health advocate. She knows that she hasn’t always done the right thing but that she’s doing the right thing now.“I’ve had the biggest shame of all,” she says. Just because of that, and that alone, means I’m the one to talk about it.

Because they can’t throw anything more at me.”Margaret Trudeau sits on the lanai of her 1920s penthouse, near downtown Montreal, sipping tea. guy,” “Marmalade”), he also listed: “Margaret Trudeau book.” He had apparently intended to read the first of Margaret’s several tell-all memoirs. Margaret Trudeau, at 69, seems remarkably calm—all the time.

As most of O’Neal’s conquests did, Margaret enjoyed frisky fun with him, tumbling for his mix of boy-next-door charm and a touch of menace. She’s come to terms with all of this, with her torrid past and its resulting infamy, and with her serenity about it all, which seems genuine and hard-won.By the 60s he had discovered politics, and his lithe good looks and easy way with crowds made him a J. “He just loved to date actresses and singers and ballerinas, just for the weekend or a glass of champagne. But I didn’t mean ”Margaret and Pierre continued to date secretly, and then, in March 1971, they eloped to a small church in North Vancouver, where the 22-year-old bride carried a bouquet of white daisies and wore a gown she had made herself.But this young Margaret Trudeau, like Grace Kelly had before her, found herself unprepared for ceremonial duties and blindsided by intrusive press stories about everything from her pregnancies to her wardrobe.The media frenzy reached its peak when she attended a reception at the White House in 1977 and was practically burned in effigy for wearing a knee-length cocktail dress—and, worse, for having a run in her stocking.The next day, she dreaded the reciprocal reception the Trudeaus were obliged to host for Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, at the Canadian Embassy in Washington. ’ So we all wore short, and we all laughed.”“Margaret incidents” became a staple of the papers, such as when, impromptu, she serenaded the First Lady of Venezuela with a self-composed tune during a state dinner.

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