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Monet Software recently highlighted Vo IP call recording and its role in call center management.According to the call center management solutions provider, it can get pretty technical when breaking down Vo IP call recording, but knowing how it works is essential to proper call center management.Some companies are increasingly looking at Vo IP call centers as revenue-generating profit centers and not only as customer-support tools.A report called "Vo IP Call Centers Adapt to a BYOD World" from Heavy Reading IP Services Insider, a subscription research service of research firm Heavy Reading, analyzed several companies including Aastra Technologies, Avaya, Enghouse Interactive, Interactive Intelligence, Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, M5 Networks, Vision OSS, and Voxeo (News - Alert) Corp. It's a well known fact in the communications space that Vo IP, or voice over Internet protocol, comes with its many benefits, including a host of features and yes, a cheaper bill at the end of the month.In call center management, Vo IP has an integral role when it comes to what call center managers rely on for quality control, and that is call recording.Commercials for Women's Hygiene: Ladies, we all have.... They're dirty and bad and we have to whisper about them because they're disgusting secrets. In an attempt to prevent the cavern's poisonous gas from being released into the atmosphere, scientists decided to light it on fire and burn off the fumes.

How to Set Up a Vo IP Contact Center ince Vo IP contact centers can cut a business's operating costs and increase sales, it’s no wonder that they are cropping up everywhere.

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And by converging voice and data traffic, a company can reduce operating expenses and simplify call-center-management processes.

Establish Security Measures Security is a factor that companies simply cannot afford to overlook when establishing a Vo IP-supported contact center.

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