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Whiteness theory is intended to make white cultural and political assumptions and privileges visible so that whites do not assume that their own position is neutral or normal.

Although in many ways consistent with the aims of multicultural theory, whiteness theory is also distinct from mainstream multiculturalism.

If you plan to write academic papers or a master’s or doctoral thesis, I encourage you to familiarize yourself with whatever citation format is most common in your field (e.g., MLA, Chicago, APA), as it is best to have made formal citation habits more or less automatic before you get to the thesis stage. For my purposes, it is enough that you indicate the relevant author and page numbers of any work on the syllabus (e.g., Pratt, 35-36).

Please do provide full bibliographic information, however, for any outside readings upon which your paper draws.

The two books are available from the University Bookstore.

This course will ask you to look at exactly how whiteness affects various relations and situations.

Check the syllabus for dates to turn in a thesis statement, outline, and draft of the final paper.

Both papers must be vitally informed by the course discussions, lectures, activities, and readings.

Multicultural theory usually seeks to foster an appreciation of cultures other than the dominant culture; in its more radical forms, multiculturalism also involves problematizing the assumptions of the dominant culture.

But because mainstream multicultural approaches are concerned primarily with developing authentic understandings of non-dominant cultures, they usually do not concentrate on how white power operates to foster and maintain white privilege.

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